The artist was born Jodi Michele Parker in the early 1970s. She spent the rest of the 70s in Savannah, GA. In the 1980s her family moved to a small town just outside of Tampa, FL. While there, she started writing Poetry.

Her first Poem was published in her high school literary magazine while she was an exchange student to Denmark.

She married at the tender age of 21. Although that marriage did not last, three children were born of the union. To hear the artist speak of them, they were the best part of that union.

She self-published some of her poetry while married to her first husband.When the Union ended, she fought to get her name back, and did.

After the first marriage ended the artist when back to college. For several years she struggled to prove to herself she was good enough to be in college.

The artist remarried. Her new husband had studied her poetry in college. They have a beautiful daughter together and he supports her writing endeavors.